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How to design a Christian-themed game

Although this is question can be approached more broadly (however unlikely it may be that it would have occurred to anyone to wonder about it), I’ll be confining this post specifically to the games that Belltower will be producing.  This means the emphasis is on themed Euro-style games; abstracts, party games, RPGs, etc., won’t really be in view.

I’ll walk through a series of questions that I customarily ask about a game’s theme, and show how they apply to Christian games specifically. For compactness, I’ll refer to the background or source material on which the game is based as “the story”.  Even though not all game themes are necessarily narrative-based, many of our games will be, so it’s not a terrible simplification.

An important point to keep in mind, and one that I’ll consistently emphasize, is that these considerations reflect my opinion on how to make a game that is well-themed; they aren’t necessarily requirements for a good game.

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