Lord of the Rings

* Disclaimer:  Yes, yes, yes, we know that Lord of the Rings is a registered trademark of the Tolkien Estate.  We do not at this time claim any licensing arrangement or agreement with the trademark holder, and without that, this project will go nowhere.  We know!

This ambitious project is actually two games in one, which can be played separately, or concurrently at two separate tables.

The first game involves the hunt for the ring –  Frodo is attempting to successfully carry the Ring through the long, arduous journey to Mt. Doom without being caught; the Nazgul are trying to discover the whereabouts of the Ring and recover it for their master; and Gollum, slave to the corruption of the Ring, is trying to find just the right moment to strike and steal back the Ring for his own!

The second game is about the War of the Ring.  The captains of the West are trying to muster sufficient armies to delay or defeat the forces of Sauron.  But meanwhile, Saruman seeks control of Middle Earth for himself.