Moses and Pharaoh

In this 2 player game based on the events depicted in Exodus, this game puts the fate of the Hebrew people in the hands of the Pharaoh, who needs their help to complete his greatest monument, and Moses, a prophet sent by God to free the Hebrew people. 

The game is built around the idea that the resources you need to complete actions that will lead you to victory are primarily received as payment from the other player.  This requires the players to help each other even as they are struggling to be the first to achieve their individual victory conditions!  Pharaoh wins once his monument is complete; Moses wins if he can fully persuade the Hebrew slaves to flee from Egypt.

Pharaoh must also balance his disposition towards the people of Israel and the God that they serve.  If he is too lenient, they will have an easier time escaping.  However, if he is too harsh and defiant, God will strike Egypt with plagues to demonstrate His supremacy over Pharaoh!